Product: ‘Beginning the End’ Digital Album download

Description: Latest album, the artistic creation that will blow your mind away

Price: $10.00

Product: A2 Poster ‘Beginning The End of Wicked Aura

Description: Exclusive poster of the Wicked Bad Boys!

Price: $12.00

Product: Sticker Pack – “Beginning The End” by Wicked Aura

Description: Assorted stickers for the Wicked Aura fiends. Spread it!


Product: Commemorative Artbook (Limited to 240 copies WW) – “Beginning The End” by Wicked Aura

Description: In the spirit of making music and art, we hope to bring you a beautifully designed Commemorative Coffee Table Book to complement those glorious vinyls. This project represents a collection of art from visual artist both local and international (such as Stefano Centonze from Rome and our very own Sam Lo and Dawn Chua) whose creative expression of “Beginning The End” seeks to thrill evoke, charge, arouse and life one through life’s journey. The art computed serves as an extension of the musical journey brought to you by Wicked Aura who holds art very dearly and close to their heart.

Price: $45.00SGD

Product: Tote Bag – “Beginning The End” by Wicked Aura

Description:Now that you’ve got our vinyl record, slip it into your very own “Beginning The End” Totebag, in glorious olive green canvas.

Our quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in the Bandung, Indonesia using durable, yet lightweight, canvas fabric. They are washable.

The art work is printed digitally with a high end digital printer that guarantees high quality and photographic print. This tote bag is perfect for men and women. It is fashionably unique and hip, comfortable to carry.

Price: $25.00SGD

Product: 2LP Gatefold 180gm Vinyl – “Beginning The End” by Wicked Aura

Description: Hold in your hands “Beginning The End”, the glorious 2LP Gatefold 180gm vinyl release from Wicked Aura, with hits like “My Aura Is Wicked”, “Rosana”, “Shotgun” and “Pedestrian 2016”.

To pick a quote from Straits Times on June 24 2016:

With his ability to switch between take-charge, forceful vocals, bullish raps and melodic croonings, frontman Idham Budiman is like the local version of Faith No More’s Mike Patton, one of the most versatile voices in metal. Lead single “My Aura Is Wicked” is a tension-filled affair, anchored by slinky bass lines and sci-fi guitars while Freak Like You is an equally dramatic melding of metal riffs, pop hooks and Afro-Brazilian rhythms.
– Eddino Abdul Hadi, Music Correspondent

This is the same Limited Edition 2LP Gatefold 180gm Vinyl as advertised on our Indiegogo campaign.

Price:  $45.00SGD



Come to our shows to grab some limited edition band-T! They come in different sizes (XS-XXL).

Product: Wicked aura signature logo T-shirt

Description: People keep buying these and come to our shows. Dress up to represent!

Price: Come to the show.